The Team

Alinato Events

Alyssa Pettinato is the Owner of Alinato. When it comes to executing a flawless event, Alyssa is a great choice. Before opening her own event company Alyssa worked on a multitude of impressive events including the Big East Conference and Volvo partnership, all the programming and events for a New York based charity AND all the concerts and promotional events for a music start-up. She took her diverse experience and channeled it into her own company. Her clients have ranged from a small ticketing company based out of CA to working as a vendor with Pepsico here in NY.

In addition to events, Alyssa also has a strong background working on marketing projects for various CPG clients. She has worked with huge clients and billion dollar companies as a vendor. She creates quick turnaround projects for her clients while maintaining great results and the utmost amount of confidentiality.

Along with the event company- Alinato is a strong supporter of animal welfare and Alyssa has begun additionally donating her time to a local animal charity. Please always feel free to bring your pets to her consultations, you can bet her dog Butters will be there as well!