Destination Wedding Planner

Get away for
your special day

So you want to make your wedding a whole memory and not just a day? A destination wedding may be for you. We have worked with many couples that have chosen this for their special moment.

Whether you want to have an exciting weekend of events in the Bahamas or a week of adventure and non stop fun in the Maldives- we will be there to help every step of the way.

You are probably wondering where to start- here are the ways in which we will help you make this the trip of a lifetime.


• Location, Location, Location!!

• Figuring out local customs

• Planning for marriage laws once you get back to the US


• Guest wrangling

• Airfare and accommodations

• Local vendor selections

• Planning other fun adventures for your guests to enjoy the whole trip


• Watching over festivities

• Helping transport everything back home


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