Social Events

Social Events
are our Specialty

Life happens. We are here to help with those events that are so special they need a professional touch. Your child only has a bar mitzvah once, your husband only turns 50 once and that special baby deserves a dream baby shower.

We want to make these memories a special time to look back on fondly. We are here to remove the stress from event planning. Sure it is fun…for five minutes until you aren’t sure which flowers are in season and how to find a good kosher caterer and oh are they vegan too? We get it. The devil is in the details and luckily that is our strong suit.

We have planned all types of events- nothing too big or small for us to deal with. We don’t want you breaking the bank either so we will work with you to keep you in your comfort zone. We can help with:

• Proposals

• Surprise Parties/ Birthdays

• Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

• Baby Showers/ Gender Reveals

• Dinners and Cocktail Parties

• Retirement Parties

• Divorce Parties

And anything else your heart desires!