Why is day of wedding coordination is something you need?

You planned a whole wedding. Spent months of agony on finding the date, the venue the perfect wedding party…The key to really enjoying your day and avoiding any issues with the venue, your mother, a bridesmaid- hire a day of coordinator! I cannot stress this enough. Even if I was not a professional wedding planner- I would be screaming this to brides.

Great professional event planners with multiple contingency plans will undoubtedly have SOMETHING go wrong on the big day- but we are skilled in handling anything with elegance and stealth. Most of my clients have had zero idea that on the day of their wedding multiple big issues came up. When you have something with many large moving parts there is no way at least one of them will not have a bump.

I am sure every bride has heard from at least one married friend- “I was so crazy at my own wedding I didn’t even get a chance to eat.” Sadly this is not uncommon. You spend all this time and money planning a fabulous wedding and instead of being able to enjoy the spoils of your labor- you are handling greeting guests, the venue captain is asking you if it is ok to cut the cake and the band is seeing if they can start toasts. Why should you be dealing with all of this!?

Our day of coordination is very different then most. We recommend to our brides that we get our hands in your plans at the two month mark. This provides us with ample time to really see what you have planned. We have enough time to connect with your vendors and provide them with a comprehensive day of timeline that they need to adhere to. We will tell you to consider things last minute you never would have thought of.  In addition we give you access to a Wedding Toolkit that houses all the important documents you could need. Guest list manager, Thank you list, Aisle Order, Vendor manager- and so much more!

The best wedding planner will tell you the hardest part of planning a day is being a day of coordinator. It takes skill to walk into someone else’s plans and execute. It is actually easier for us to plan the entire thing ourselves then do wedding day of coordination. That is why when you find someone skilled in that realm- you are in GREAT hands.

To learn more about what we offer for day of coordination please look at our Game Day package here.