As we approach the new year, let’s not dwell on past trends, but get ahead of new ones! The wedding industry has been turning over trends more rapidly than ever before, and here is what we have been noticing at New York weddings and what you can look forward to for 2023 weddings, whether you are planning or attending. As always, your wedding is YOUR wedding, these are just some of the trendy things we have come to learn about and appreciate.

1: Details, Details, Details!

The trend I personally love is that everything is personalized. We love a classic wedding, however when the couple is dedicated to giving everything a personal touch is when the magic happens. From pictures of the couple with friends and family hanging all over the venue, fans for hot days, to personalized fashion items for the bride and groom. Some fun examples we have seen of this was at a wedding in Brooklyn overlooking the New York City skyline, the couple DIY’d acrylic snowboards with permanent marker to use as a guest book, signature cocktails created by the couple with the catering team, and getting rid of table numbers and using places or things that are iconic to the couples love journey.

2: Color and Themes

According to Pinterest’s latest trend forecasting, colorful wedding details are becoming a focus point in the planning process. Some of the trendiest colors for the upcoming New York wedding year is shades of burnt orange, terracotta, and copper. Another color that is showing up at a lot of weddings is “millennial pink” – known also as Viva Magenta 18-1750 and announced as the Color of The Year 2023. A deep, vibrant, joyful color that easily brightens any space. At the end of the day, your wedding should be about what you love, not what’s popular in the moment. Pantone Color of the Year.

3: Candid, Unplanned Wedding Photos

The latest era of wedding photography is all about candid moments. Getting rid of planned poses and focusing on the imperfections of not getting direction from the photographer is becoming a huge part of the day for couples. It’s nice to have a few gorgeous shots with the sun perfectly shining through the veil covering the couples as they gaze into each other’s eyes, however it is equally, if not more, magical to capture your closest friends and family laughing and simply enjoying the day with you! Something that goes hand in hand with this is blurred-motion photos. The classic busy, blurry New York City aesthetic is a personal favorite to incorporate into the wedding photos.

4: Changing up the Traditional Ceremony

It’s no shock that weddings are shifting away from getting married in a catholic church with a priest. Especially when you are in New York City, many couples want the city to be a part of the wedding – whether it be the skyline views of the city across the river or dancing on a rooftop by the Empire State Building. Recently we have seen more and more family and friends officiating the ceremony and it is honestly so fun! When you have a mutual friend or close family member speaking to the love you and your partner share, it becomes a much more personal, tear-jerking experience for everyone involved in the day. 55% of wedding this past year have been officiated by friends or family, and we don’t see that number going down any time soon. And not to mention that ceremonies are becoming shorter and shorter, going from a traditional 60-minute ceremony to being 15-30 minutes tops. We love getting the party started earlier!

5: Wedding Fashion

We can write a whole article on wedding fashion (and I’m working on it!) but some of the top things we have seen emerging since NY Bridal Fashion Week are bows, bridal suits, and pearls. The desire to keep your wedding day look chic is sticking around and presenting itself in bridal suits – for the girls who are horrified at the thought of a Cinderella ballgown, have no fear because wedding suits are here, and you will have plenty of iconic looks to choose from. In an effort to keep the traditional wedding look, pearls are back in but in a fun new way – hair and makeup artists using pearls as head pieces and hair accessories. Inspired by the 80s come-back, bows have been spotted up and down the runway whether it be the classic back bow to seal the dress or veil bow atop the head. Get creative! Your wedding is supposed to be fun, so have fun with your fashion.

There is so much to look forward to this year and these are just a few of the major things we are seeing gaining popularity based on upticks in searches and designers getting creative. Again, don’t follow trends just because they are trendy! It’s fun to take some trending aspects to incorporate into your day but it is your day. Need help achieving your New York wedding goals? The Alinato team is here to ease your stress and make sure your day goes off without a hitch! Click here to get in touch!