covid food truck and a wedding
covid wedding nyc

I am sure we alllll have a covid wedding story at this point- but here is one filled with class, patience and an epic amount of love.

I love weddings. Whenever I have clients ask me- do you think we can skip the garter? Do we have to have a flower girl? Is it weird if we have a buffet? My answer is always the same- THERE ARE NO RULES!! It is your day- make it what your heart desires.

I wanted to write a blog highlighting a recent wedding because it was so unique I wanted to share how to make your personal vision a reality- and still be slightly traditional!

Because of the pandemic this wedding was rescheduled from a Saturday with 150 guests to a Monday August night with only about 35 guests. Most couples during this time did not handle the circumstances gracefully- but this couple did not let it get them down! We had last minute vendor changes and a lot of stressors but they remained happy to celebrate their love- it was endearing.

Cut to the wedding- this day was so unique in so many ways. Instead of opting for a cookie cutter seated dinner this couple decided on food trucks! It was still chic and the food was very delicious. Not to mention way more cost effective. We had people socially distanced waiting on food during cocktail hour while sipping their customized bubble teas. Everyone then went inside for the reception where we proceeded to have the staff place platters of the food truck food on the table to prevent people from getting up and down. For dessert while there was a cake- the couple also had Coolhaus ice cream truck provide ice cream confections for their guests. Post dancing and speeches and a touching video- this was a welcome treat.

The night capped with a streamer send off in the courtyard. The bride switched into her cocktail length dress- such a Jackie O. moment! The amazing Lauren Spinelli of Lauren Spinelli Photography– captured the moment of the couple running through the streamers and then stopping for a romantic kiss.

This couple did everything right. They adjusted to the times and still managed to have the wedding of their dreams with most people that they loved around. For a moment it was like there was no pandemic and it seemed like a break in an otherwise bleak period. A reminder that no matter the situation love can always prevail! Book your wedding here.