How to get the most out of your planning and have the best wedding for your vision!

We love a DIY approach. You know your taste, style and vision better than anyone.  An event planner is basically an executor. We do not push visions on you (unless you want it!) but rather we work with you to execute YOUR vision.

When planning the best wedding  for your vision it is really important to mute the peanut gallery. The second you get engaged people will be popping out of bushes telling YOU what you NEED to do. Ignore that! Your wedding is yours. It should be what you envision. It is really important to remember this during the planning because the noise can get loud.  As someone from a very big exotic family line- I have seen relatives firsthand try to dictate to a newly engaged relative where they think the wedding should be, what style food THEY like etc… It can be a lot! It is important to not lose sight of the things that you and your fiancé want. If anyone has a problem with it- it’s their own issue!

Keep your vision in line with your actual budget. It is really easy to go down the Pinterest rabbit hole. Seeing photos of over the top weddings on social media create a FOMO like no other! Stay grounded. If your total budget is $10,000 your plan needs to fit that! There are ways to have a gorgeous wedding on a budget so never feel bad about it and do not feel the need to overextend yourself. Remember this is one day- a special one for sure but no need to go into bankruptcy over it!

Stay in tune with your partner. The one thing I see a lot is one partner that is driving the bus and the other one feeling like they are just on a ride. Sometimes this can cause a real issue. Especially if you hire a wedding planner- be a united front. It is hard to plan a event that makes everyone happy if both people are saying conflicting things.

Be ready to express your vision to others. Before you hire vendors or even approach them- try to have a checklist/vision in place. It makes it easier to make it clear upfront what you are looking for!

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