Brooklyn Wedding Planning is hotter than ever!

This trend has been going on for a few years but there is an explosion of wedding planning in Brooklyn! It is a tri-state hot spot and for good reason.

While you won’t technically find dirt cheap venues there- you can find slightly lower priced venues in an area that is way easier for your guests to get to! Hotels are less in Brooklyn, as opposed to NYC hotel rates, the food scene is on fire, and people can actually drive their cars into Brooklyn without paying an arm and a leg on parking!

Another upside to Brooklyn is style. If rustic chic is your thing then Brooklyn is the place for your wedding. Beautiful woods and unfinished ceilings are plentiful. Exposed brick? No problem. Take for instance the Green Building. It is a beautiful rustic space complete with an outdoor area and a convenient location for both parking and subway access.

Want a unique venue complete with décor already on the grounds? Look no further then Brooklyn Botanic Garden. We love this space because not only is the backdrop to die for- but you and your guests are literally in the mix! Don’t get us wrong we love a Manhattan Hotel wedding- but there is just nothing like a garden!

There is even a brewery and a winery in the borough. Point is all weddings are beautiful in their own unique ways but the Brooklyn scene is fast becoming one of our favorites. Where else is it totally chic to have a food truck catered wedding!?

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