Not only a celebrity can have amazing wedding planning

Think only celebrities can have amazing weddings? NOPE. You can have the most epic wedding- your guests will be in awe of your NYC celebrity wedding planning.

So how do they do it? Well the very obvious first step is to employ a planner. Sorry but its true- that is how they do it!!! Good news for you is that unless you can afford it not all of us charge Mindy Weiss  or Marcy Blum prices!

Second- it is all about your venue. Ever hear the expression you cannot put lipstick on a pig? Well unfortunately when it comes to venues this holds true. While most spaces can be totally transformed- that usually comes along with a hefty price. If you hate the walls and floors- book a different venue! Those things are not easily (or cheaply) hidden so keep that in mind! I have seen many affordable venues with updated décor that can be made to look like an A list day for a non-celebrity budget!

Yes Décor is necessary for a very done up day! Hate to say it! However if you envision  a truck load of flowers but your budget is not that of  Jlo- then consider alternatives. If you can provide the vases for centerpieces (and have someone who will set them and clean them up) you can avoid the vase rental fee.  Additionally the price will go up immensely depending on the type of flowers- substitute peonies for dahlias. Still gorgeous- but much more cost effective.

Substitutions can go a long way in helping you to create a celebrity wedding for your own taste and budget!

Contact us today to tell us about your vision and see how we can work with you on executing it!