Corporate event planners seem unnecessary. However….

Most offices without an in-house event department tend to not put resources into a professional corporate event planner. A lot of corporations think it is more cost effective to forego. Unfortunately that mindset is why sometimes we get brought in to clean up messes. So why are we necessary?

We have seen it all. No but really. We know how to avoid issues, how to swerve when they come up and how to remain calm and focused in moments of pure chaos. Not only can we pretty much plan your event in a moments notice without hardly any sweat, but we have the relationships to get you there without breaking your budget. If anything we revel in saving our clients money. Whenever clients give me a budget I am quick to the honesty. If it is outlandishly small- I will tell you. And if it is reasonable- I try as much as I can to still save money.

Not only are we quick to plan and budget for you, but we know how to organize all your employees for the day of. Many times when we work on corporate events, charity events or conferences- the biggest thing we find is that employees want to help but they are not being organized in the correct way. We cut through that by helping to develop a  plan before the day to assign duties. Our master timelines keep everything in motion and we have every piece organized down to the name tags (if you want them!)

Additionally when we are brought on for an event or consulting the biggest plus is we will keep it real. When you have in house employees working on events we find that there is a fear to be honest with superiors on the reality of issues. We are hired by you for a task and we complete it- brutal honesty and all.  During COVID-19 we were in the middle of planning a very large corporate event. The company refused to admit defeat on either postponing or moving the event virtual. We worked with the client to show them the pluses and minuses of being indecisive and how harmful that could actually be in the end. When all was said and done they moved the event online and we saved their deposit with their venue thereby saving them thousands!

Bottom line is an event for your company is a big task and it should be delegated to the right person. You would not ask your receptionist to handle the accounting for the year so think of your event in the same capacity.

We are here for you for your next corporate event so for more information please contact us here.