Let’s talk about wedding planning on a budget and décor.

It is really what takes a wedding from a boring banquet to a fantasy romantic room filled with an air of love and magic.

Trying to stick to a wedding planning budget can be hard. We get it though- flowers are crazy expensive! Beautiful yes but not cheap! No one told you that the vases cost money too! Want gorgeous peonies or orchids? Better have some dough! Wedding planning especially in NYC can break the bank.

Good news is there are wayyyyy more creative ways to decorate these days without spending thousands and thousands on just flowers. The few wedding planning budget decor trends we love are:

Candles there are so many ways to do candles.  Did you know most venues actually provide votive candles (the little ones) for free!? All you need to do is ask! In addition renting some big candles as the centerpieces and putting them atop a far with water and some leaves inside  make a gorgeous centerpiece! What flowers? People won’t even miss them. Another upside to candles is they create instant mood lighting for a nighttime wedding. Everyone will look stunning in your wedding photos J

Leaves- A fall wedding? No problem. Leaves will do a wedding good! A winter wedding? Evergreen branches are IT. If you are really DIY and live in a wooded area you can even collect them yourselves. Grab them- soak them in water to get any critters off and let them dry. Throw them down the aisle instead of petals and allow them to decorate your greeting tables and instant décor! Plus they smell heavenly.

Borrowed Flowers- Yes. THIS EXISTS. Flowers are great for a few days as long as they are cared for. There are many companies all over the US who actually let you have discounted flowers because they were previously used! They still come to you looking fabulous AND you are being environmentally cautious whilst saving MONEY!! Win. Win.

String Lights– This is an all time favorite of mine. They go with any season and add the perfect mood lighting to your day. They are a quarter the price of flowers and if you can manage to hang them yourselves or convince your lovely event planner (ME!) to get my bum up there and hang them- they are even cheaper! Some venues offer them and handle them for additional costs so do not forget to ask. Otherwise hire a lighting company to handle or go on Amazon and buy and handle them yourself! Just ask the venue’s permission before!

Another way to get décor for less is to hire an event planner. Because we bring vendors repeat business- they typically offer us more favorable rates for this. So the REAL trick is to have us do your bidding because in the end we will save you the most and we know what works and what does not!

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