Are you planning to have a wedding in a public park? Who wouldn’t want this. It is cost effective (on the surface), perfect and easy backdrop- win, win, win! However there are things to consider when going this route. We have broken out the items to think through below- in addition to hiring a knowledgeable planner!

1.) Permits and Restrictions

Permits are necessary in the state of New York for most parks (as most are actually state owned!) You cannot plan your day without this. It will typically come with many rules and stipulations such as hiring security, not bringing in any rentals or food, time limits and even limiting any floral arches. There may even be the need for an additional permit for photography! Please look at the rules for the park you are considering on the government operated park website!

2.) Cost

On the surface a park wedding seems very cheap! Just paying for the permit is typically a nominal fee. However as it is a park it will be bare bones. This means if you want to do a ceremony/ reception on site everything must be brought in (if allowed) and this can be surprisingly pricey! There are venues in parks that do permit catering (although typically through one exclusive caterer) but at times they do not even have a proper kitchen which makes things interesting! Never assume a park wedding will be super cheap without properly considering this and talking with a park official!

3.) Stranger Danger

Yes you are in a public place so be prepared to be gawked at by strangers and potentially have them photobomb a few photos. This is something we really cannot avoid at times. Most people try to be respectful but some people cannot help but take in the happy spectacle. This sometimes complicates the life of your vendors as while we are there to help we are not security so if you are really worried about this- hire security!

4.) Vendor Restrictions

We touched on this above but let’s dive deeper. At times some parks do not even permit a car so this makes vendors lives a bit difficult and can limit what can be provided. Photography can have limitations and things even like flower petals on the ground may be forbid all together. Before paying for anything always check that it is permitted!

Again- a planner is always helpful as we know most of these things just by our experience! If you have any questions on our services please reach out here.