Finding a great wedding planner made easy!

The key to finding a great wedding planner isn’t rocket science. There are a lot of self proclaimed “celebrity event planners” out there that are anything but! The most important part of your wedding can be your planner and choosing incorrectly can really cost you- in more ways than one!

Do your homework! Nowadays a real planner is on multiple platforms. The more you’re on the more verified they are! No reviews? Run for the hills! So many times I see people claiming to be wedding planners offering their services for $500 and their only experience was being a bridesmaid for a bridezilla friend! Would you hire a photographer for your wedding just because they have a camera? No. You would hire them because you have seen their portfolio and verified their work and saw what other couples have said either from personal references or online reviews.

Be sure their style fits yours. Can you communicate effectively to this person? On your initial call did you feel heard? Were you able to ask the questions you wanted and get a straight to the point answer? If not- you should probably keep looking. The most important aspect of event planning is communicating effectively with your client. You need to be heard by your event planner and they need to give you what you want- don’t let anyone tell you what you want!

Be sure they are in your budget!!! Look sometimes people have hired me when I was slightly outside their budget- what can I say? We are good. However when someone reaches out to me and I am 4 times their budget- I would almost feel bad taking their money. If planning is really important to you- then it is justified. But if you can’t afford us- its ok! There are many planners out there and your planner needs to be someone you gel with- and can afford!

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