Brides are OVER this pandemic and honestly rightfully so! So how do you not burn out during wedding planning, let alone planning a covid wedding?

Well I could sit here and tell you to just call us up and bam! No more stress (HA!) but I guess we can share some of our tips and tricks to keep your sanity.

  1. First thing first- GET ORGANIZED! Everything seems less chaotic when you stay organized and on top of all the vendors you are reaching out to and all the communications. Excel sheets are the best and a detailed to do list.

2. Don’t just reach out to every venue– Really take the time to thoroughly look at a space- their reviews, the photos and the layouts. Just reaching out to every venue in your area will be extremely overwhelming and you may end up wasting time talking to people that were never what you wanted because you didn’t take the extra ten minutes to research the space.

3. Involve your partner! I see time and time again one person running the show and the other along for the ride. Sometimes certain people want that- but a lot I feel the other (typically the groom) does also want a say. Involving your partner in the process can be a bonding experience and can help share the burden of planning.

4. Keep it simple- Plan one aspect at a time. Focus on venue, then focus on photographer etc…one at a time! Don’t try to do it all at once- you will want to scream!

5. Hire a planner– In any capacity having a planner involved in either full or partial- is especially helpful now more then ever. We have our ear to the ground as far as laws and restrictions. We are in constant communication with fellow vendors and know who is surviving and who is thriving. We also know who handled the pandemic well. We all had certain vendors involved in weddings disappear, hold money and refuse to move dates. We sat and witnessed the good the bad and the ugly and now know who to avoid working with! We also can shoulder the heavy weight of researching and follow up which can almost be a full time job.

 Just remember at the end of the day this day is about you, your partner and your union. Never lose sight of that!!!

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