Below we share are tips on being the perfect destination wedding planner!

So you want a destination wedding? I don’t blame you! They cut down the guest list and can be a real money saver. Thinking of having a cool ceremony in the relaxing islands of the Bahamas? Below I call out the most important things to consider (Or you could take the easy route and just hire us to take the hassle out of it!)

Location, location, location!

The key to being your own destination wedding planner is picking an ideal location. Yes the hills of Tuscany Italy can be amazing, we get it! However, if half the 40 people you want to come do not own a passport- that is a real issue! If half of your guest list  does not have a passport- stay domestic! You can still have a wedding outside of your area and some states have gorgeous venues. Get married on the water in Annapolis MD, Have a small wedding by getting an AirBnB in Palm Springs and host it on the grounds (host willing!). GET CREATIVE. If your party is the jet setting type- go to the islands! Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and the Bahamas can offer you a low cost all inclusive beach front wedding for half the cost of the US. If you want to break the bank- consider Europe or Hawaii! The sky is the limit.

Décor isn’t always necessary.

When you put effort into a picture perfect location, you need half the décor! Getting married on a beach- you will really just need an arch and chairs. Contrary to a beach a banquet hall or hotel usually has fixed things that are not everyone’s taste. No need to get a dance floor or draping to cover up the aspects you hate! Nature is your backdrop!

Look up local marriage requirements.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Did you know most marriage licenses do not carry from state to state? Let alone country to country! Often times you will need to get one where you are having the ceremony and in some cases you may need to elope before getting married in another country! In France you cannot marry there if you are not a resident – there is a lot of red tape so it is important you really dig into wherever you are thinking WELL beforehand.

Seems so dreamy to get married in a resort somewhere epic but you really need to take it seriously and think about the restrictions for yourself and your guests. Destination weddings can be amazing but they are by no way an easier plan so it is important to know what you are getting into. For more information on destination weddings please contact us here.