Wedding planners are as essential to your special day as the bouquet, the dress and the person you are planning to marry.

Alyssa Pettinato has experience in what makes weddings work: Alinato Events is based in New York, and has headed the planning for some of the best weddings of the season and beyond.

Here are her 4 reasons why you shouldn’t be without a wedding planner.

1. Budgeting for a Better Result

Most weddings are done on a budget: Some are small, and some are big – but most budgets are blown by couples who do things by themselves. An expert wedding planner creates and sticks to a budget on your behalf.

2. Couples And Coordination

Couples about to get married know they’re a good fit – but they still disagree, and most often about wedding plans and specifics! A wedding planner finds the right compromises to make sure the wedding happens without a hitch.

3. Planners Plan Best

Wedding planners plan: That’s just what they do, and professionals are good at it. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy for couples to forget the details. That’s where your wedding planner comes in.

4. Relying on the Right Contacts

Do you know the best wedding venues, restaurants, florists and caterers in town? Most couples don’t have all these contacts at once – and don’t have the time to do the digging to find out. Wedding planners already have contacts, and that’s where getting one is extremely useful.