As the calendar turns another page, so do the trends in the world of weddings. 2024 promises to be a year filled with innovation, creativity, romance, and a touch of classic elegance. Whether you’re planning your own nuptials or simply enjoy staying in the loop with the latest wedding trends, here’s a glimpse into what’s expected to steal the spotlight in the wedding scene this year.

Candles, Candles, Candles!

This is no surprise to us as I’m sure it isn’t to you if you have been following anything regarding weddings. When a client comes to us and says they want a “romantic feel”’ the first step is to load up on the candle order. We have even had some couples decide on strictly candle centerpieces with little to no florals! Layering tapered candles with pillar candles is such a chic look. Placing votive candles all around the venue from the bar to the entry way to the bathroom is also a great way to incorporate candles into your wedding in a simple way. If you want to go full timeless romance, vintage candelabras are never a bad idea. Really, there is no bad or tacky way to do candles, they will always elevate the moodiness of the evening.








Non-Traditional Attire

Embracing the spirit of individuality and breaking free from conventional norms, non-traditional wedding attire is stealing the spotlight. in the 2024 wedding season. Not only the bride and groom but also the wedding party and guests dress codes! So many people have been leaning into the fashion aspect of their days and it has been to fun to see all the creative dresses and tuxedos. Bid farewell to conventional white gowns and classic black suits; modern couples are rewriting the rules with outfits that defy norms and celebrate individuality. Brides are donning jumpsuits, colored dresses, capes, and even tailored separates, embracing a spectrum of styles that reflect their unique personalities and more fit to party into the night. Grooms, too, are stepping into uncharted territory, exploring bold colors, unconventional fabrics, and personalized accessories Say “I do” to a world where wedding attire is as unique as the love it celebrates.




Embracing Color and Patterns

Embracing color and patterns is going beyond the non-traditional attire in 2024. We are seeing a lot more couples opt for a patterned or textured table linens and napkins. We urge couples to lean into the fun and color, especially with florals. All white was trendy for a minute, but it’s even better to create a bold color pallet that fits the season, while still fitting the wedding vibe. In the spring, we hope to see a lot brighter colors such as shades of greens, blues, purples, and pinks. These color trends will lead into the summer with more of a bold undertone as opposed to the pastel. Don’t be afraid to lean in and have fun with designing your wedding aesthetic!!


Interactive Food and Beverage Experiences

Couples are elevating the dining experience for their 2024 weddings by incorporating interactive food and beverage stations. From personalized cocktail bars to chef stations allowing guests to customize their meals, weddings are becoming a feast for the senses. Expect to see unique and culturally diverse menus that showcase the couple’s tastes and preferences. Plenty of catering companies are already starting to jump on this trend, with mobile stations, oyster shuckers, taco bars, etc.









Multi-Day Events

It has always been a trend to host a rehearsal or welcome party along with your wedding day celebration. In 2024 we are seeing couples are expanding the celebration beyond a single day, opting for weekend-long festivities. From welcome dinners to post-wedding brunches, this trend allows for more intimate moments with loved ones and a relaxed atmosphere that extends the joyous occasion. It is also thanks to the wedding guests for attending these events much more than they used to, which is why this trend of having a 2–3-day event is becoming huge. It’s just another chance to celebrate and party with your loved ones! We are also seeing a lot more activities taking place at the rehearsal/welcome party, such as speeches. A lot of couples are opting to have their friends and family give toasts during the rehearsal dinner the night prior instead of during the wedding itself.

In 2024, weddings are a canvas for creativity and personal expression. From embracing color to lighting up the room with hundreds of candles, couples are weaving together elements that reflect their love story and we love to see it! As we navigate through this year’s wedding trends, one thing is certain: 2024 weddings are an extraordinary blend of tradition, innovation, and boundless love.