Have you ever been to a weekday wedding?

While many couples choose to throw their wedding on a weekend, there are actually a lot of really good reasons to hold a wedding on a less traditional day.

Here are our 5 Reasons to have a weekday wedding from a New York City wedding planner.


1.  Cost, Cost, Cost!!

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Because people are always vying for the Saturday spots – and to a lesser extent, Sundays and Fridays – it gets really expensive to throw a wedding on the weekend. 

Everyone is always looking for those spots and there are only 4 Saturdays a month it makes competition very high.

It can be far less expensive to do a weekday wedding, this gives you more negotiating room and the minimum headcount is usually much lower than a Saturday.


2. Actually get a venue in the month you want AND at a good price.


So many weddings were postponed in 2020 and 2021.

A lot of those weddings are happening now, and more people are going to weddings than in the last two years.

But due to this, locations are going FAST for 2022 and 2023. Especially in the Tri-State area, most people want to get married outside of winter.

April- November are considered peak months andenues know they will easily book every weekend during these months — however weekdays are overlooked!

Having a weekday wedding will not only save you money, but you could actually book a venue that you really want during the month you prefer!


3. But also, get all vendors at a lower cost.

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Not just venues, but vendors in general are going fast and seeing incredible rising costs compared to previous years.

There are many reasons for increasing costs for a wedding, read our blog 3 HIGHEST WEDDING COSTS IN 2022 FOR NEW YORK CITY COUPLES AND HOW TO HANDLE THEM.

But throwing a wedding on a weekday can help cut some of those costs.

While the cost of goods will likely remain the same, the venue and vendors’ time will often be cheaper on a less competitive day.


4. Guests that really matter will come.

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As pointed out in our blog CUT THE GUEST LIST: HOW NEW YORK COUPLES CAN SAVE MONEY ON THEIR 2022 WEDDING, cutting down the guest list is the quickest ways to save money on your wedding.

The people who are really important will make the time and effort to come to a weekday wedding, and less important people will likely not make the extra effort – of which in the end is to your benefit.

Also, what a great excuse to take a long weekend. Many people will need to take extra time off for travel anyway, and guests can chill out the rest of the weekend in the place they traveled to for the wedding.

And you know your wedding is going to be way too much fun, and they will need the weekend to recover.

Or, as pointed out by the Knot, guests can use the weekend to settle in before the wedding.


5. Use the weekend to come down from it all and/or travel.

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Because most people want to be in a location over the weekend, many people don’t  want to travel on a Saturday– making it actually one of the cheaper days to travel after Tuesday and Wednesday.

Having your wedding on a Thursday will give you the flexibility to travel on Saturday, or take the weekend to recover before heading out for your honeymoon.

Having your wedding on a Monday or Tuesday has a similar result.

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