Thinking how to ask her to marry you? Valentine’s Day is by far the most popular day for marriage proposals. Just get creative. Or even better, hire a wedding planner to help with the romantic setting to pop the question.

Restaurants are second only to the home as the most popular places to propose marriage, so it takes some ingenuity to make your proposal something unexpected and amazing.

Photo Op
Have a stranger or a waiter take a photo of you and your sweetheart as a momento. At the moment the photo is taken, pop the question and offer her the ring.

This is a photo that will be truly special. It’s all the better if you can conspire with the “photographer” so they know what’s coming and can snap the photo at just the right moment.

Flash Mob
Flash mobs are always a good way to involve friends and family in a marriage proposal. It’s a good way to share the event with your circle of friends, especially if you post the event live online.

Make an appointment with a jeweler where you intend to purchase the engagement ring. Take your future fiancée to lunch and shopping.
Go into the jeweler and present her with a selection of rings and ask her to marry you. Then let her choose her favorite ring.

We are creative and unique marriage proposal planners for the best day of your life.