The journey to saying your “I Do’s” can be as romantic and dreamy as it sounds, if you follow these 5 tips from a luxury wedding planner. Remember to talk with your partner about your priorities and budget, and let the fun begin!

1. Be Realistic

When you are starting the wedding planning process, it is imperative that you stay realistic with your partner when discussing your budget, guest count, theme, etc. Once your budget is set, it’s time to go into the fun stuff! You don’t want to be unhappy with things down the line, so set realistic standards. If your budget is on the tighter side, be prepared to have less vendors to choose from. This doesn’t mean you will have to sacrifice your vision; it just means you might have to be more creative and take more time researching the best vendors for you! Weddings are real-life events put on by real people, so don’t expect a picture-perfect fairytale day. As a luxury wedding planner, we will get you as close to a fairytale day as we can, however some things are out of human control.

2. Expect the Unexpected

Just like anything else in life, things are unfortunately going to go wrong. As a luxury wedding planner, I wish we could tell you that this process is going to go perfectly and everything you want will come easy, however that is not the case. The company supplying oysters for cocktail hour may back out a month before the wedding due to their own over estimation on what they can handle. However stressful and unfair this may be, it is something that can be fixed with a new available vendor. This also goes the other way – a lot of couples don’t realize how cost affective a good videographer can be and expect to pay double what is actually the going rate, so they unexpectedly save $6,000! You’ll have to be open-minded that your original plans may not happen, and that’s why having a plan B is one of the best things you can do during this wedding planning stage. Have an idea of what you want for your wedding but expect to have to make tweaks and everything will come together beautifully.

3. Plan As Much As You Can, As Early As You Can!

I can’t stress this one enough! Being a luxury wedding planner in New York, we have seen couples wait until the last minute to lock in the big vendors and it never goes over well. The more you plan and lock in as early as you can, the more fun you will have enjoying your engagement season and all the fun things that come with that – parties, bachelorette/bachelor trips, showers, loving on your partner at all times and not living in constant stress. Some things you can get out of the way as soon as you are engaged is a date, venue, caterer, photographer, and then you can move down to florist, band or DJ, hotel blocks, and any other little vendors such as photobooth or transportation. You may run into some people telling you they don’t book out as far as you are asking, but there are plenty of other things you can get done in the early stages! Pre-emptively setting up a wedding website with all the questions anyone could ever ask you will also save a great deal of time. The faster you’re able to make decisions through the wedding planning process, the easier and more fun it will be. There are so many big and small decisions for your wedding day and if you have differing opinions, earlier on is the time to talk about it and come to a mutual decision. Then move on to the next!

4. Personality Match

I hope your personality matches well with your partner; however, this is not what we mean here. From luxury wedding planners to vendors, personality matching is key to a smooth day. Picking a vendor whose style compliments your ideas means you can work together on something truly exceptional. When you are doing your research, be guided by their work because let’s be honest, you spend 99% of your wedding day with your photographer so you are going to want to mesh both style and personality. You should also be having initial meetings with all vendors and if possible, ask for these to be in person, especially your photographer, band/dj, hair and makeup artist, and planners. Always remember what is important to you and your partner and make sure your decisions reflect that.

5. Hire A Planner!

A wedding planning professional can help you find the dream venue, the best vendors for your style and budget, and guide you gracefully through this overwhelming process from the start. A luxury wedding planner will help you avoid costly mistakes, know the cities hidden gems, and can often negotiate on your behalf with vendors who become our friends. You are also guaranteed peace of mind that your wedding planner will manage your wedding seamlessly and with minimal stress. Trust our experience, creativity, and connections, and when you have to make choices as a couple, follow your heart and ideals.


When the time comes, relax and enjoy your hard work. Even with endless hours of wedding planning, having a plan A, B, and C, things are bound to go wrong, and that’s okay! Don’t worry too much about these kinds of problems, especially on the day of. Focus instead on the reason why you’re celebrating –  your marriage with the person you will love forever. Plan as much as you can as early as you can, and make sure to get us on your team to assist! Check out our services to see how Alinato luxury planners can bring your dream to life!


Emma Trimmings
Alinato Events Assistant Planner