Summer is right around the corner, and if you are a New York City summer bride or groom, this post is for you! See the below tips for where to start with your summer wedding preparation.

Prep Skin

The weeks and days leading up to your New York summer wedding are crucial for us ladies in terms of preparation. As opposed to binge purchasing everything you see, take a moment to evaluate what you actually need from your skincare. It could be reducing acne or simply hydrating the skin – in summer months this is especially important as the beautiful summer sun dries out the skin. Adding retinoids into your daily skincare routine at least 6 months out from your wedding will drastically improve the texture and appearance of your skin, making the makeup artists job so easy! If regular facials are something you would like to introduce to your routine, this should also start about 5 to 6 months out as skincare is a marathon, not a sprint. The week before your wedding you should focus on hydration, hydration, hydration! From your hair to your skin to your nailbeds. Pivot to using hydrating and calming serums in this last week of skin prep. On the day of your New York summer wedding, you are going to want to remember a nice SPF on your face and body especially if you are taking photos outside!

Prep Hair

As far as hair goes, how you treat your hair leading up to the wedding is as important as finding a great stylist. Finding a really great shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair type (if you don’t use one already) is crucial. Same as skin prep, hydrating serums like Moroccan Oil and masks are going to be your best friend. If you are a bride who regularly colors their hair, have your color in mind and have it done and ready at least a week before the wedding as hair color dries out hair. As we all know, the New York winters dry out our hair every year, but don’t forget that the summer sun is also hazardous to hydrated hair. You should wash your hair the morning of your wedding. There is a belief that day-old hair holds better in styles, however with the incredible products available to hair stylists these days they can do anything with fresh hair, and a fresh wash will reduce the possibility of itchy feelings.

Prep Nails

Your nails should be in great shape the day of your wedding, all the better to show off your new bling! Boosting your vitamin intake will not only help your hair and skin, but also nail growth and strength. Promote your cell growth by eating foods filled with Vitamin A (anything orange), as well as most Vitamin B’s. Start getting regular manicures about 2 months out from your wedding to promote nail growth and stop nail biting and finger picking. Just as mentioned before, hydration is key and finding a good hand cream will benefit you in the long run.

Final Alterations

Unlike regular dresses you have purchased in your life, your wedding dress will not come off the rack ready to wear. There are multiple fittings and alterations that need to be completed before you can walk down the aisle! About 6 weeks from your fabulous New York summer wedding is when you should have your first alteration appointment to make sure the dress is the right color, size, and design. Don’t forget to bring the undergarments you are going to be wearing such as bra, shapewear, any jewelry. Remember to take photos! When your final fitting comes around, be sure to bring your maid of honor so they can learn about your grown – does it need bustling? Does it have buttons or straps that you need assistance with?  Your final fitting is also when you should ask about steaming/ironing needs, and any cleaning products that should or shouldn’t be used on the fabric.



Have A Weather Plan in Place

Welcome to New York, where its 40 degrees and cloudy in the morning, 90 degrees and sunny during the day, with a thunderstorm warning at night. With all this unpredictability, summer weddings need a little extra attention in the planning process. Make sure you have fans as well as umbrellas on the ready if you are planning an outdoor ceremony. Get creative with it! Create personalized fans with your color and floral patterns and monogram the umbrellas. If you are planning an outdoor ceremony or reception in New York City, chances are the venue is already locked and loaded with a tent and rain plan – they do this all the time! With that in mind, don’t stress about the weather of all things, it cannot be controlled by anyone, however we can control how we react when the weather throws us for a loop. This is what planners are for!




Create A Seasonal Menu

If you’re planning a New York summer wedding, schedule a meeting with your caterer within 3 months of your wedding so you can try all the seasonal menu options at their peak freshness. Work with your caterer on making a menu full of fresh colorful foods to compliment the warm summer breeze flowing into the reception space. They are the professionals and know what’s best and what is the freshest, but make sure you don’t lose sight of what may be important to you and your partner! You can also get creative when printing the menu out for your guests, again work with your caterer to nail down the wording of the dishes but if you want to name them something fun and seasonal, it’s your day, go right ahead!




Make A Wedding Party Survival Kit

The people standing next to you at your New York summer wedding are going to need a few items to ensure that you, and them, look and act their best! Throw in some face-blotters, setting powder (bonus points if its Fenty), travel deodorant, hair ties, mini fans, travel perfume/cologne, bug spray, allergy medication, and sunscreen. Obviously, they shouldn’t be carrying this down the aisle with them, but you can throw these in a cute little clutch for them to carry at the reception, or you can even make a basket to keep in the bathrooms for all guests!



Hopefully after reading the tips in this blog make you feel even more prepared for your big day! For more tips, tricks, and wedding planning BFF, please check out our wedding packages for all your planning needs!

Emma Trimmings
Alinato Wedding Planning Assistant