Non-Traditional Brooklyn Summer Wedding with Sara and Nick

I’m sure you have heard it before, but there really are no rules when it comes to your wedding day. You don’t want to have a first dance? No worries! You think having a day party is better than a nighttime reception? Perfect, sounds so fun! You don’t want to invite your third cousin your mom wants there? We will handle mom. Don’t let anyone try to ruin the vibe you are going for on your wedding day, there is nothing you “have to” do, and there is no limit on what you can do! Sarah and Nick really took this advice to heart and ended up having a blast at their wedding, not worrying about traditional wedding formalities. Honestly, non-traditional weddings are becoming the new tradition!


In our initial meeting with Sarah and Nick, the word they kept using was “non-traditional”. All they wanted was a fun party with their closest friends and family, at a non-traditional venue, on a non-traditional day and time. Sarah and Nick started their wedding day at 5am with hair and makeup by Beauty Icon in order to tie the knot by noon at the Brooklyn Crab. That morning, guests arrived at the Brooklyn Crab dressed head-to-toe in white, as the bridesmaids were adorned in floral sundresses. In non-traditional fashion, their best friend officiated the wedding and pronounced the new husband and wife as a saxophone played them back down the aisle. Immediately following the ceremony was party time! Traditionally, cocktail hour is placed directly after the ceremony in order for the couple to have a second to themselves, maybe get some more photos, and for the guests to get their drink on while they reconnect with old friends. But you should know Sarah and Nick by now and in their non-traditional fashion, went right into an open bar, passed bites, and dancing for the rest of the day! Mark Wolf lit up the dancefloor for hours, playing everything from classic rock to 90s hip hop to today’s top 10. With the addition of a live sax player, everyone was having the time of their lives! The staff at the Brooklyn Crab passed grilled cheese and crab bites, crabcakes, baskets of French fries, and pigs in a blanket – it was truly a back yard darty vibe all day. The whole day was captured by Dreamlife Photography, and they couldn’t have chosen a better photographer to capture the fun and happiness surrounding the whole day.


From start to finish, everything about Nick and Sarah’s wedding was non-traditional. From the first meeting where they laid it all out on the table, to moving back to Manhattan two weeks before the wedding, to getting hitched on a Friday at noon. Nothing about this wedding was traditional, but we had so much fun planning and executing this wedding with the couple, more couples should think about going more non-traditional and doing what YOU want to do!

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Emma Trimmings
Alinato Planning Assistant