YES- there are options on the types of small weddings you can have.

The types can vary especially these days. Intimate weddings can bring amazing benefits- you can have a bigger budget and create your vision, you can also cut costs in half and save money and you can have the freedom to share the moment only with those closest to you.

So what are the types of small weddings?  Let us break it down for you. Check out more on local laws here.

Elopement: This has been around forever! Romeo and Juliet style- two star crossed lovers sneak away and it typically only includes the couple and an officiant (and a witness).  Many elopements these days also include a photographer and parents (or parents joining via Zoom). People have been especially creative with this during the pandemic.  Elopements have been popular during this as couples wanted to keep their actual wedding day even though they legally could not have their bigger wedding.  We have been advising clients that the date was special for- to elope now and have the bigger ceremony next year.  This way they can still have their special day remain close to their hearts.

Minimony: This is a slightly bigger play on an elopement. It is a ceremony that includes 10 guests or less.  Again many couples choose this when they are planning to have a larger celebration at a later date. Many couples have this as their only wedding celebration, which is magical as well! Just as with elopement this tends to be a truly special moment for the couple and saves a lot of money for building a life together.  Typically these include an offciant, parents and siblings and best friends. We also see a bit more in this option such as flowers and a bit of food after.

Micro wedding: This is the new go to pandemic celebration. Micro weddings have long been around but it is a bit difficult to find venues for this size as most wedding venues hold 100+.  These are an intimate wedding that includes 50 guests or less. Typically they include both a ceremony and a reception. We have just started offering micro weddings so check out our pricing options here.