Ashley + Kip’s Central Park Zoo Wedding

Rain on your wedding day is often considered a sign of good luck, and what better way to embrace the unexpected than with a Central Park Zoo wedding? While the idea of rain may initially seem like a setback, it can add an element of enchantment and create a truly memorable experience. Ashley and Kip embraced the day and their celebration became an extraordinary tale of love, resilience, and sheer joy.

Central Park Zoo, located in the heart of New York City, is a haven of natural beauty and a sanctuary for countless remarkable creatures such as the Red Panda, monkeys, and iconic seals! With its lush greenery and captivating wildlife, it offers a charming backdrop for a wedding. Ashley and Kip had envisioned an outdoor ceremony, surrounded by the park’s serene ambiance for over a year of planning. They day started off as an overcast, grey New York day, and quickly escalated to a spring storm, but that didn’t stop us!

The vendors working on Ashley and Kip’s wedding was truly an all-star cast and we couldn’t have had a better equipped team. The incredible rental crews from Decco PartyUp and Something Different Party Rentals were up and at ‘em at the Zoo early on Saturday, ensuring the dancefloor, all furniture and kitchen equipment was properly installed and secure for the weather. Rosehip Social, florist extraordinaire, was able to create such complimentary arrangements in addition to the already beautiful Central Park Zoo backdrop. The couple radiated pure joy as they exchanged their heartfelt vows, surrounded by their loved ones and the extraordinary creatures of the zoo. The rain seemed to dance in celebration, as if the universe itself was showering blessings upon their union. And of course we have to give credit to the incredible hair and makeup team Ashley had hired, that not only gave her the glam of a lifetime but also made sure she was weather-proofed!

The night continued on as Silver Arrow Band welcomed everyone into the reception space with an open dance floor. They then went into an absolutely magical first dance under the tent, followed by a seated dinner prepared by the talented Bartleby and Sage crew. We had such a blast working with all the vendors, and in a place like the Central Park Zoo with all the fun animals, it was really a once in a lifetime experience. The day wouldn’t be complete without it being captured in photos by Brian Hatton Photo and his team. All in all, the weather was a minor detail in an otherwise perfect day.

central park zoo wedding

This Central Park Zoo wedding on a rainy day turned out to be an extraordinary adventure, full of surprises, love, and memories that will be treasured forever. Ashley and Kip’s willingness to embrace the unexpected weather allowed them to experience a celebration like no other, where nature and romance intertwined harmoniously. It serves as a reminder that love has the power to turn even the rainiest of days into something truly magical. So, the next time rain threatens to dampen your special day, remember the tale of this Central Park Zoo wedding and let it inspire you to embrace the unexpected with open arms.

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