With Covid-19 upon us now more then ever online events are it!

As pressure to reduce face-to-face meetings increases, there is a growing need for the use of online platforms.  Even though things will eventually go back to normal, life must go on and we all must adjust our lives and businesses accordingly. 

What is available for social interaction, especially when it comes to events?  There are several platforms available online, from Zoom, which offers online video conferencing to GiveSmart, an online platform that helps charities fundraise. 

Why is having an event planner, like Alyssa Pettinato – Founder of Alinato Events, for events like this so important?

  • Learning Curve – all online platforms are different.  To truly become an expert takes time.  Why spend your time learning a platform when you may only use it a few times.  Your time is valuable, let us deal with the platforms!
  • Expertise – Whether it is in person or online, events is our business. We know the do’s and don’ts to managing events efficiently, with your goals in mind.
  • Professionalism – have you ever been to an event and you could tell it was…well, lacking in management?  The same thing happens online.  You want things running smoothly, without a hitch. 

Online events are growing in popularity and Alinato has all the experience you need.  Whether it’s a surprise Zoom gathering for your friends’ Dirty Thirty or a Charity Auction; give us a call with your event goals today.