Wedding Planning in New York does not have to be painful!

We’re one of the leading wedding planning companies for New York City: We’ve done large weddings, intimate weddings, impressive weddings, low-key weddings and a few other events in-between. If you need a wedding planned properly, we’re one of the leading companies who can help you do it.

Here’s more information about the services we offer – and why we should be the first company to call.

Full-Service Event Planning

Event planning involves several phases and steps, and proper control to pull all these elements into a successful event by the end of the day. We offer full service event planning that takes care of all the steps from the food through to the venue. Book a first consultation with us if you’d like to talk about how we can make your event better.


Weddings are one of the most special days you’ll ever have. We can help to plan your wedding event from start to finish – and we can make sure that it’s a day to remember.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are meant to be memorable, but it takes a lot of planning to make sure they work that way. We offer specialized birthday party planning that ensures a great event, and we can even help to plan the theme if you aren’t sure.


If you’re planning a fundraiser of any type, you have to ensure you’re striking the right heartstrings. We can help to plan fundraisers for any possible event or cause – speak to us about your planning needs to find out more.

Corporate Events

We can help you to plan your corporate event no matter what it is you’re hoping to plan for. Big events, small events, events with specialized dietary requirements or events to hook and grab a big client: We do it all.


Alyssa Pettinato