Many times I have clients come to me and ask how they can plan their wedding on a budget.

Even in a place like New York City this can be done! Contrary to popular belief hiring an event planner to do your dirty work can actually wind up saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!

As an event planner vendors are thirsty for your clients business. To get you to choose them they will give planners large discounts and will also work above and beyond because they know an event planner will give them repeat business if they provide an outstanding service. When a bride is planning her wedding a vendor is unlikely to quote her the lowest possible rate because they know weddings dont give them repeat business- event planners do.

Here are some inside ways to cut costs:

Ditch the real flowers. They are expensive and only last a few hours. Go fake but make sure they look realistic and classic. An even better option is candles- they set a romantic vibe without being cheesy and overpriced.

Go digital. Spending hundreds on stationary is becoming a thing of the past. Most people can’t be peeled away from their computers and many people go days without checking their mail! Invite your guests wth a cute online e-vite and save instantly.

DIY. Many people think DIY is tacky. On the contrary many DIY touches at a wedding allow you to show your personality as well as saving you money. For example instead of large costly centerpieces get creative with candles. They instantly make the lighting romatic and your table instantly gets sexy.

Use Model Mayhem. If you want professional hair and makeup but cannot afford their insane rates- create a profile on Model Mayhem and hire a freelance artist and allow them to publish photos to their portfolio. This will allow you to look like a movie star for half the cost and you are helping out someone who is trying to create a name for themselves.

When all else fails hire me and we can make some magic together 🙂