Beauty is in the details and when you are in the process of wedding planning, it is often the small things that make the biggest impact. How can you make your wedding day unique? What wedding details will actually make an impact? Planning weddings in New York City, we have seen our fair share of unique ideas, so we are here to share some of them with you!

Centerpieces and Tablescapes

table centerfoldWhen your guests step into your reception space, they want to be blown away and one of the first things they look at is the table settings and centerpieces. Some cute ideas we have seen as New York City wedding planners are using the different parks throughout the city as table numbers, instead of just numbers. I for one, would love to be seated at Bryant Park! It’s also really important to work with your florist to create something unique to your taste. One of our favorite trends right now is using fresh fruits as part of the centerpieces. It gives off a fun, bright, Tuscan wedding look. Another cheap, fun and easy wedding planning detail you can use in the tablescape is putting disposable cameras on every table so guests can capture the night from their point of view. When you get the photos developed, you can use them as a part of thank you cards by sending photos of the guests to them, or create a coffee table scrapbook for yourselves!


wedding planning new yorkYou can get creative with this one! It’s kind of a bland subject if you think of it as “oh I have to have a bar sign”. But this can be a really creative part of the wedding planning details! Minted is such a great place to get invites and signage made for cheap, without using a vendor. Use these signs to inform your guests on where your card box is, guest book, welcome sign, unplugged ceremony, and literally anything else you want! Our one tip that cannot be stressed enough is do NOT use acrylic signs as they are so easily missed and awfully photographed because of their see-through quality. For all invites and basic signage, having your color scheme and florals throughout to create a cohesive theme is the best route to go.

Flowers for Family

floralSomething that is often forgotten by couples, or they don’t even realize to think about is getting personal flowers for family members. Usually, the bride and groom have their bouquets and boutonniere, and then the wedding party has smaller versions of those. As a planner we have been asked multiple times on the day of the wedding by the father of the bride, grandparents, mothers, if they have a flower to wear. A great little planning detail to keep in mind is always ask your family members if they want personals! I recommend boutonnieres for grandpas and dads, and a corsage for mothers and grandmothers. Especially if they are walking down the aisle, they should have some little something to signify their importance to you and your partner.

Guest Book

wedding planningIn recent years we have seen a decrease in the traditional wedding guest book displayed for guests to write their names and a little note. To be honest, you are rarely going to look at and read that book. A great alternative we have seen is using something that’s personal to you and your partner for guests to sign. We worked a wedding recently where the bride and groom loved to ski and snowboard, so for their guest book they had everyone sign a shot-ski and acrylic snowboard with their wedding date engraved that they now have hanging in their entertaining space in their home! It’s something that is looked at often and personal to them. Personal planning details are key in making your day memorable for all.

There are endless ideas for you to plan the perfect personalized wedding, and it really is all in the details! There are plenty more tips where these came from, so check out our website and services to learn more!

Emma Trimmings
Alinato Wedding Planning Assistant

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