At Alinato we are taking COVID-19 very seriously. We know people want to cancel events and limit big gatherings at this time. We completely sympathize and understand these precautions. That’s why we are offering services to help in this crisis event planning management. 

These are the three biggest reasons why people hesitate in canceling events.

1.) Money!!- Most deposits on venues, catering, and florals are nonrefundable. You are likely not to get these back if you prematurely cancel an event. 

2.) Guests- likely at last minute many people have already committed and/or paid. Whether it’s a charity event or a wedding likely people have planned to come and have either booked hotels/ flights or purchased tickets. What do you do then? 

3.) Effort- you put a lot into this. It physically hurts you to have to cancel something in the 11th hour you’ve worked for months on and been very excited about.

So what do you do? Well good news is there’s no need to freak out. We can help work with your vendors on postponement and not canceling. Likely if you have planned a corporate or charity event there are many online interactive ways to get people involved in events that aren’t face-to-face. We can give you a specialized approach based on your actual needs if you contact us. Every event is different every wedding is different and every person is different. If you are holding an event in the next month or two and are confused as to what to do please contact us today and we can help by giving you advice and telling you what our experts think you should do. Reach out today and we will try to assist!