Often times people hire an event planner in NYC for a one time specific party or event.

The planner does the event and then bam- that is it, the relationship dies there. I am different.

I have provided services for all types of clients ranging from C-level executives who want to keep us on a retainer for team bonding exercises to basically being a marketing freelancer offering advice on branding built around events.

I am here to offer my skills to my clients. Since I have such a diverse and interesting resume of experience, I can help with things outside the scope of just events. In one instance my client needed help interpreting brand metrics for a competitor in order to plan an event. I helped place the data into easy to read sheets and then built an event for them off of the metrics in a way that showed off their brand in a light that would stimulate their target audience. Event Planners in NYC are plentiful but the ones who truly care and go the distance for every client no matter the price point- now that pool is small.

Successful events = happy clients and no matter what you need I will always do my best to ensure I can achieve this for you.