Winter destination weddings have become increasingly popular, offering couples a unique and enchanting backdrop for their special day. From snow-covered mountains to cozy indoor venues, winter destination weddings provide a magical atmosphere that can’t be replicated in any other season. In this blog, we’ll explore the trendiest and timeless ideas for winter destination weddings, helping couples create an unforgettable celebration.

What’s Hot (but really, cold):

Destination Locations:


Aspen, Colorado

Known for its picturesque mountains and charming ski resorts, Aspen is a trendy destination for winter destination weddings. Couples can say their “I dos” surrounded by snow-covered peaks, and guests can enjoy winter activities like skiing and snowboarding. Even if you aren’t into the winter sports, it’s a great place to cozy up with your loved ones by the fire and a glass of wine.


With its breathtaking landscapes, hot springs, and glaciers, Iceland has become a sought-after destination for adventurous winter destination weddings. Imagine getting married against the backdrop of cascading waterfalls or a black sand beach covered in snow. Iceland isn’t a place that many people would take the time to venture to on their own, so having your winter destination wedding in Iceland has the added bonus of being a true experience for your guests.

Dolomite Mountains, Italy

While the Dolomites might be a prime destination for skiers and snowboarders, this stunning location has become very popular for fall and winter destination weddings. Enjoy the natural beauty of the Dolomites through various winter wedding venues. These include resorts, chalets, and charming churches – all surrounded by the majestic and breathtaking mountains.

Timeless Themes:


Winter Wonderland Elegance

Create a classic winter wonderland wedding with a white and silver color palette. Incorporate crystal accents, faux snow, and twinkling fairy lights to evoke a sense of magic and sophistication. As a bride, fashion is usually at the front of the mind, and you can still have your dream dress on your wedding day with the added accessories of a fur shawl, or a chic hand muff.

Cozy Cabin Retreat

Opt for a rustic and intimate wedding by choosing a cozy cabin as your venue. Decorate with warm hues, blankets, overlapping oriental rugs, and a crackling fireplace to create a snug and inviting atmosphere. Nothing beats cozying up to your new husband or wife and keeping the temperature warm by dancing the night away!

Festive Holiday Celebration

Embrace the holiday spirit with a wedding around Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Incorporate festive decor, like ornaments, garlands, and twinkling lights, to infuse your celebration with warmth and joy. This time of year is already filled with love and celebrations, why not keep that going with a spectacular wedding!

What’s Not:

Ignoring the Weather:

Winter weddings often come with unpredictable weather. Be prepared for cold temperatures, snow, and potential travel disruptions. Have a backup plan in case of inclement weather and keep guests informed. The best way to prepare for these situations is hiring a planner and vendors with plenty of experience and creative ideas to aid in the stress weather may cause on your day.

Overlooking Comfort:

While winter weddings can be magical, comfort is key. Provide warm blankets, heated seating, and consider indoor options to ensure guests are comfortable throughout the celebration. Make sure your venue offers coat check, nobody wants to carry a bulky coat around all day. Another fun way to ensure everyone’s comfort is offering warm drinks such as spiked apple cider, Irish coffee, or Hot Toddy’s.

Forgetting About Lighting:

With shorter days during winter, lighting is crucial. Enhance the ambiance with candles (never enough candles), fairy lights, and strategically placed fixtures to create a romantic and well-lit atmosphere. Winter destination weddings are inherently magical, however good lighting adds another level of luxury without breaking the bank!


Winter destination weddings offer a captivating blend of trendiness and timelessness. Whether you choose a trendy location like Aspen or a timeless theme like Winter Wonderland Elegance, the key is to create a magical experience that reflects the love and uniqueness of the couple. Embrace the season’s charm, plan wisely, and celebrate the start of your lifelong journey in a winter wonderland snuggled up with your new life partner.