Summer weddings are so fun, but they can quickly match and even exceed the heat outside.

Even indoor weddings with air conditioning blasting can quickly get too warm, especially when the dance floor gets moving.

Keep your guests – and yourself! (hello wedding dress and tuxedo) – cool. Beat the heat with these 5 tips to stay cool during your Wedding.


1. Offer unique gifts to keep guests cool.


There are so many fun ideas for favors to give guests that can double as helping keep them cool and safe from the sun.

Colorful umbrellas to shade everyone from the sun and add an incredible touch to photographs.

A fan with your wedding date to help cool off while watching the couple exchange vows. 

Customized sunglasses to keep the sun out of your guest’s eyes. 

Be environmentally conscious and encourage hydration with customized metal straws. 

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2. Keep the drinks cold.


Champagne popsicles? Yes, please! 

And who doesn’t love a frozen margarita? 

Tip 2 of our 5 tips to stay cool during your Wedding is: Keep the drinks cold and flowing. Ice is key! You can never have too much, your caterer and bar will usually stock up on a good amount if the wedding is taking place outside on a hot day. Do not skimp on this!

Additionally, keep it fun with non-alcoholic drink options like lavender lemonade or passion fruit tea. 

Coconut water is a super hydrator, but even dressing up water with mint, cucumber, or berries can encourage people to stay hydrated. 

Bubble tea is a trendy favorite these days!


3. Be strategic with the food.

Alinato-Events- 2022

Choose foods that are cool and refreshing, and especially items with hydrating ingredients like cucumbers and watermelon. 

Refreshing salads, a seafood bar on ice for hors d’oeuvres, and an ice cream bar (if your venue has an onsite freezer!), are all ideas that will help keep guests cool and be pleasurable to eat on a hot summer day.

We do not recommend risotto or heavy/ hot foods!


4. Plan attire in preparation for the heat.


Especially for the bride and groom, have a backup plan.

Get the pictures with your hair and dress how you like, but be prepared for a quick updo and don’t be afraid to change into a more heat appropriate outfit such as a cocktail dress – don’t worry, some people are forgoing the ballgown altogether!

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5. Keep track of the weather. Be prepared!


And here our final tip out of our 5 tips to stay cool during your Wedding:
If you are having an outdoor affair we highly recommend a tent (with sides) to help keep everyone cool and shield you from any surprise weather.

If the wedding is outside and there ends up being a heat advisory, this will cause a really bad and unsafe situation. Make sure your planner has a contingency plan for this — a really good wedding planner will be prepared.

Sometimes an indoor pivot is necessary and a tent with AC is necessary!

We can never predict weather but we can save a portion of the budget for a week of decision based on forecasts.


Don’t forget the wedding planner!


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