It has been a bleak couple of years and many couples either  postponed their 2020/2021 weddings or opted for a small ceremony with the hope that they could have a large celebration later on.

It’s 2022, restrictions are being lifted, and many of us are ready to put on our party hats and celebrate with the people we love! Although there are still some restrictions, weddings are feeling more and more like they used to. And that’s the magic of 2022, we can take a night to feel like our old selves again and celebrate with the people we love most and haven’t seen in a long time.

What’s Out

Not being your true authentic self. The pandemic gave us the time to evaluate what is truly important to us, and resulting in couples planning their 2022 wedding with great detail and intention. Throwing out tradition – or bringing it back – couples are creating an individualized wedding experience. Many are tossing out the play book – and family expectations – and creating weddings that are very uniquely them.

The Guest-Focused Experience

We are more keenly aware of how precious time is with our loved ones, so the guest experience is trending. It’s not just about the couple – guests will feel like they too are important to the event. We’ve realized how crucial it is to create lasting memories with people we love post lockdown.


Chicken or fish is out! It’s 2022 and the focus is a food adventure. Some couples are ditching the formal sit-down dinner and replacing it with a set up that enables the guests to get back to dancing and socializing as quickly as possible.

Many weddings feature bite sized entrees, salads, and desserts passed out on trays. Food carts and blankets for a picnic vibe, comfort foods like fried chicken and mac and cheese, and even make your own stations of tacos and nachos. Charcuterie bars, pretzels stations,and a cupcake table are perfect late night snacks. No one is going hungry at these weddings!

Beverage lovers are in luck as well. Specialty cocktails are still popular, as well as non alcoholic drinks. Bobba tea bars are happening!


Flash photography is a huge trend for 2022 weddings. This type of photography can feel more candid and less posed, giving paparazzi vibes as well as vintage nostalgia. With all of the photoshop esque apps out there that leave us feeling like nothing is real, there can be a refreshingly authentic feel to flash photography. No face tuning, just real moments.


This timeless chic accessory is always in style, but for 2022 weddings we are putting them everywhere. From the traditional earrings and necklace, to hair accessories and purses, with the biggest and prettiest trend including this beautiful gem on veils.

Put a Bow on It

Bows are a huge trend in 2022, and we are putting them on all the things. A big bow on the back of the wedding dress? Check. Bows on the cake? Check. Bows in the hair, bows on shoes, bows on chairs and tables? Check, check, check!

Don’t Let Them Eat Cake

Those who aren’t big fans of cake can rejoice! Cakes are losing popularity quickly (sorry to our favorite artists!). The days of the only dessert being a giant wedding cake are gone. Although some people have opted for a small cake to be used for the cutting ceremony, cakes are out. Instead couples are going for more unique options, such as donuts.

The biggest trend replacing cakes? A champagne tower! No longer are brides and grooms cleaning cake off of their faces, but helping each other drink a glass of bubbly!

Weekday Wedding

As restrictions are lifted, venues and vendors are filling up fast for weekend dates, forcing a lot of couples to go with weekday events. The benefit? A weekday wedding can save couples a lot of money!


Pastels will always be a classic floral design, bright and bold are also a favorite for 2022.

The biggest floral trend of 2022? Baby’s breath.

Baby’s breath? Yes, baby’s breath, and lots of it! With a lot of greenery!

Baby’s breath is an iconic symbol for everlasting love. It’s soft, elegant, and you can use an enormous amount without it taking over the aesthetic. What was once a light addition to a bouquet is now used in hair, centerpieces, cake garnish, hanging from overhead lights, and adorning arches. It’s a classic, elegant and affordable option that many are generously using in their 2022 wedding. Paired with heavy greenery this can make any floral arch majestic!

Additionally, couples are getting very creative with the once traditional floral arches. Many couples are putting a lot of intention and detail into their ceremony arches, including hanging lights, draped lace, and ditching the traditional arch shape for circles and even triangles.

The Dress


It’s all about styling those arms in 2022. Long sleeve, puffy sleeve, or removable sleeves — dramatic sleeves are in, and a detachable sleeve can give the illusion of more than one dress.


Not a dress person? A pantsuit is a great statement piece whether you walk down the aisle or change into it before saying your goodbyes. Heavily embroidered or simple and classic, there are so many fun options when considering a pantsuit.

A pantsuit is a lot easier to dance the night away and — unlike a traditional wedding dress— can be incorporated into your wardrobe post wedding.

Little White Dress

Whether you want to strut down the aisle showing off your beautiful legs, or change into something lighter to show off your moves on the dance floor, short dresses are in for 2022. If you have a summer wedding outside, don’t suffer in a huge ball gown – changing into a short dress is on trend!


Veils are back! A classic trend that many started to forego is making a strong comeback. From a small birdcage veil to elegant feet of lace and pearls trailing far behind you, veils are a staple for 2022 weddings.

Something Green

Sustainability is a big theme for 2022.

Second-hand wedding dresses, outdoor weddings with nature as the decorations, printing invitations on recycled paper, and virtual save-the-dates are just some of the trends helping to reduce one’s carbon footprint.

A Last Dance

Many of us are familiar with the first dance, the father daughter dance, the mother son dance – but the last dance?

The last song is reserved for you and your now spouse. Send the guests away to prepare for the couple send off, and the newlyweds get to close out the night with a dance for two. You spent most of the night surrounded by people, now it’s time to embrace each other and have a tender moment to yourselves.


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