holiday wedding decor

So want to know why we love a winter wedding?

Spring summer and fall may have the best weather and sunlight but there is really something truly romantic about a cozy winter wedding. The festive time of year lends very well to a wedding celebration. Fireplaces, warm colors of bold reds and deep greens and blues, strong drinks and sparkly accents- it all lends so well to a festive and luxurious wedding.

So, what are the upsides to getting married at this time of year?

Well depending on where you live it can be a total climate change (hello to all of us New Yorkers for still thriving in the blistering cold!) For this reason alone, this time of year tends to be quiet for events. Allowing you to have an advantage on the following:

  • Date/ Price
  • Guest Turnout
  • Décor

Let’s talk about the date. Typically, in colder climate states getting married in Dec- March tends to be a venues slower period. This means more Saturday availability!! Saturday is the most popular day of the week to get married. However- there are only so many spring-fall Saturdays! This leads to heavy competition and greater venue requirements such as a food and drink guarantee and a guest count minimum. In winter months this tends to be laxer because not as many people are clamoring to get married in the cold (although here are some great hacks if so!) ! The prices tend to lower significantly in these months as well. You have better negotiation power and the cost per person is lower than in the peak months. A lower guest minimum and lower F&B cost equals savings!

Most brides are raised to think a summery affair with an outdoor component is the only thing guests enjoy. However, a lot of people tend to love attending a winter wedding as it is less likely to coincide with other weddings or vacation plans. Most of us on the east coast have a slower social calendar in the winter months which means you actually may have better turnout!

Décor is always around in the winter months- especially around December. Most hotels and venues are decorated already and will add an element of free décor to your wedding vibe! Rich dark colors and gold and silver accents are easy to make an indoor affair seem regal and luxurious easily! You can have fun with faux fur and play up the festive flowers or even forego the flowers for evergreen and other tree accents! It really is a truly magical time of year. Summer is great but winter is a winner as well! Learn more about our packages here.